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Tour Turkey with Pandora

Origins of the Pandora Story in Turkey

Chimera Flame

Flames of the Chimera released at the base of Mt. Olympos

Although the many wonderful promoters of modern Greece would like you to believe that Mt. Olympus on the road between Athens and Thessaloniki is the original Mt. Olympus I think that it is much more likely that Mt. Olympos in the Antalya Region of Turkey is the origin of the Prometheus story and thus also the most likely site for the birth of the Pandora story as well.

It is only fare to point out that all of this region was Greek speaking for close to a thousand years with Phrygian, Lycian, Pamphylian and many other such “‘ians” inhabiting the region and speaking the language of the time – Greek. I would imagine that although these stories come to us most recently through the Greek language that their origins may have predated the Greek language itself. Pandora herself has many of the same qualities as that of Eve from the Hebrew Bible, with curiosity and doubt opening up a door to a world with evil in it.

All of this to say, I believe that the many stories that have been so tightly associated with modern Greek boundaries too often forget the intermingling of cultures in the East including Persian, Egyptian, Assyrian and myriad city states that came under the Greek heading with the successful military endeavors of Alexander the Great.

Tour Turkey and Visit Greek History

Sarcophagus in Turkish Museum

Greek gods and carvings on a sarcophagus.

In any case visiting Turkey with Pandora would be one hope filling visit. One could easily fly to the Antalya region and take a tour of the Chimera, the flames where Bellerophon is said to have defeated the mighty monster of many parts and thrown down the beast with mouth sealed by a lead tipped spear to the earth where even today flames of this mighty beast escape. My belief is that these natural flames may very well be the flames thought to be the lights of the gods from which Prometheus stole the fire from the gods and enraged them to the point of planning and executing their revenge.

A tour of Turkey would include a visit to Istanbul and Ephesus too where one could experience some of the other great historical events from Greek history. The many basilicas and temples in the region are now museums many of the ruins are decorated with hundreds of statues of the gods and Archaeological Museums of Istanbul and Antalya are filled with great examples of Greek art.

Finding the Right Guides

Mt. Olympus

Down the coast from Olympus the Lycian city.

If you want a pleasant visit to these sites where Herodotus once wrote his suspiciously unverified “Histories” or attend the schools that brought us stories of demigods and the Greek Pantheon that later was home to the Roman conquerors who changed names but kept the stories the same you might enjoy a visit to Turkey. One good resource for a turkey tour is www.gotourturkey.com . I have enjoyed my travel with this company and I believe you would enjoy your time with them too. They will engage you in every one of your most profound curiosities while steering you away from the more dangerous and evil situations of life. Have hope, dear Pandora, you are on the right track to wisdom, but take heed lest you lose hold of your hope.


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