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What Can Go Wrong At The Oscars

Picture the scene:
You are an international film star and your acting excellence could be recognised tonight in front of millions across the world. What could possibly go wrong?


If you’re the sort of celebrity that likes to wear suede, or thinks that wearing less is better then getting caught in the rain can be very embarrassing. That walk from the car door along the red carpet is a long one, and one you may want to take your time over, but unless it’s covered then you could well end up looking like a drowned rat for your big night.

For people who organise events a covered walkway can add a magisterial air to your event, and ensure that your guests can stay dry. Covered walkways can be either temporary or permanent structures and provide great opportunities for increasing revenue by selling the space on them to an event sponsor. Used cleverly they can more than pay for themselves!

Not Winning

Let’s deal with this now: there are four nominations for each category and although you many well be nominated for several categories there is a very good chance that you will not be holding that little gold statue at the end of the evening. The number don’t look good and more people will be disappointed than happy come the end of the evening.

You Cry During Your Speech

Actors are emotional people, some of whom haven’t developed enough to be able to handle success in any real way and if you’re one of them then you may find yourself crying in front of a camera because some people have judged you to be quite good at some form of playing dress-up. Think about that for a moment and how insignificant this award actually is in the grand scheme of the universe and accept that actually, crying at this point displays a massive lack of perspective.

You Have To Make A Speech When Drunk

It’s not unusual for a winner to be several sheets to the wind when collecting their trophy and this can lead to often embarrassing situations. On the face of it, it’s completely understandable that you drink because you’re having to suffer the company of actors and all the other hangers-on in the industry for an entire evening, and also because you might be quite nervous about speaking live in front of an audience when usually you just parrot someone else’s lines into a camera. In fact, maybe drinking through the whole experience isn’t a bad way to get through it. After all, it’s not like you’ll pay for your drinks.

As you can see there are many things that can go wrong for an actor when going to the Oscars. What would you like to see going wrong next year?