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Cocktail party dressing

The world of fashion continues to change faster and keeping track of what appears to be the latest trend is getting a little harder. There is a lot of diversity in cocktail party dressing and you might be left wondering what to wear upon being invited to a party. A cocktail attire falls between business wear and casual wear, a and knowing the basic rules can help you wear the right style, while also spicing your cocktail attire. Here is what you should know when choosing the right outfit for a cocktail party.

Basic Rules for Cocktail Party Dressing

Picking cocktail attire can be quite tricky. However, there area few basic rules can help you select your attire with ease. It’s important to know that certain events have well defined dress codes and its best that you stick to this rule. However, it’s possible that you add personal touch to your dress code. Never over does it since this could make it excessively creative. By sticking to the prescribed dressing code, you will definitely be showing gratitude to your hosts. If you go to the contrary, you are more likely to stick out like a sore foot. If those in attendance will remember your dress code, it can either be perfect or opposite.

By wearing the proper dress code, you can blend superbly well with the guests and you won’t get bored. Just incase you have some doubts regarding what to wear to a party, it’s advisable that you ask the hosts. They will definitely be more than willing to help.
However, if that doesn’t help, getting overdressed is much better than under dressing. However, it’s better that you exercise moderation with it.

Cocktail Party Dressing For Men

• Formal cocktail parties such as galas, charity dinners will require that you wear black tie dress. Don’t go too far, unless you want to stand out amongst the smart suited guys in attendance.
• The dress code for informal-cocktail parties is semi informal. You can get some clues on the most prescribed dress code by looking at how the invitation was sent. If you were invited through a printed card, you should wear official clothing. However, if it is via phone, you can opt to wear dressy printed attire.
• Wear loafers or tie up type of shoes that match perfectly well with the trouser you have chosen.
• Take note that there are many color options based on seasons. During spring and summer, fabric and light color would suffice.
• For evening events, you have to wear formal garments such as a suit and tie.

Cocktail Party dressing for women

• You can never go wrong with a mini dress for a cocktail event, especially when paired with matching stylish footwear.
• If you can’t wear a mini dress, try a knee length dress with well fitted looks. Keep accessories to the minimum.
• While suits are acceptable, they are becoming less conventional for cocktail parties.
• Your shoes should compliment the entire attire. Avoid sneakers and flip flops.