My Box

Package 01Putting things in a box is a way of protecting the world from wearing away at the inner beauty of the very thing in the box. It is also a way of protecting the world from the dangers that may be inherent to the object. Nuclear bombs and dead bodies are kept in boxes as are corsages and roses. These things keep beauty and death contained until the point when they will all be unleashed. Pandora’s story is similar.

The things I plan on unleashing on you, my readers, may be both beautiful and deadly. I hope that the best I have to offer will be a life of no regrets for you; that you will find no reason to regret opening the boxes that most interest you. Be careful because some boxes may very well blow up in your face. The reason for such packaging is that the very forbidden is the most interesting and elusive thing int he world. We see in human nature the desire for the forbidden, to exert and express our self-dominance in a world where very little is under our own control.