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Kissing Pandora

Flaming HairGiving every gift to a woman can be great if you have foresight or terrible if you are all hindsight. The story of kissing Pandora is one of polytheistic beauty, scandal and vengeance. Prometheus – son of foresight – stole fire from the god’s and thus brought the wrath of the God’s down on himself and all of mankind who suffered at the hands of a creation of the gods – Pandora. Pandora gifted with everything from the gods was left with nothing but curiosity to long after those things which had not yet been thought to need after. The gods in their spite gifted her with a jar full of all of the evils and unknown things that might be on the earth.

Pandora in her curiosity decided to take the jar and peek inside. To her curious horror, all the evil that now fills the world was released. This analogy that addresses the origin of evil in the world attributes Pandora as the wife of Epimetheus – the all hindsighted – brother of Prometheus who found his wife with nothing left but hope to cling to in her jar that once contained all the evils of the world.

So, to avoid living with regret in your curiosity you will be faced with the difficult dilemma of fulfilling your desires of curiosity or keeping all the possible evil contained in a container. Will you live with the regrets of the fear of foresight or the pain of hindsight? The answer will determine if you are one offering first hand advice or asking the tough up front questions before you go out and buy the latest smart phone, insurance, roofing or any other service or product. Life is full of these questions and only that which comes with Epimetheus can help those of you most like Prometheus.

No Regrets – Kiss Pandora 😡